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No Stopping The Stover



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The life of Baltimore B-Movie Legend George Stover is profiled in this all-new in-depth documentary!

Born and raised in Baltimore, George Stover spent his early years immersed in cult fandom, even starring in an amateur stage production of Star Trek after the series’ cancellation.  But it was when John Waters cast him as the prison chaplain who escorts Divine to the electric chair in Female Trouble (1974) that Stover’s career truly started.  “The Pope of Trash” subsequently immortalized George as the husband who is smothered to death by the family maid in Desperate Living (1977).

 Stover then hooked up with another underground Maryland filmmaker, Don Dohler, who featured him prominently in his cult classics The Alien Factor (1976), Fiend (1980), Nightbeast (1982), The Galaxy Invader (1985), and Blood Massacre (1988).  (Scenes from The Galaxy Invader were even lampooned in an episode of the popular cable comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000, a sure sign of cult success.)

George subsequently appeared in movies as diverse as Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold (1995), The Death of Poe (2006), Terror in the Pharaoh’s Tomb (2007), and Call Girl of Cthulu (2014).  As a new century dawned, Stover had become a father figure to the young filmmakers in the growing indie scene in Baltimore.  Their world was thrown into tumult when Stover was shot during a robbery in 2012.  The story of his recovery is just as amazing as his rise to the throne of king of the B movies…

Plus: Bonus episode of The Kate Show guest-starring George Stover

Starring George Stover
With: Fred Olen Ray, Dick Dyszel, Mark Redfield, Wayne Shipley, Chris LaMartina, Jimmy George, Kevin Kangas, Jennifer Rouse, Erik Kristopher Myers, Brad Twigg, Richard Cutting, Matt Barry

Directed by Jeff Herberger
Produced by Lee Doll and Jeff Herberger
©2016 JBH Video & Lee Doll Film Productions
Package Design ©2016 Alpha Video Distributors






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