Steverino is a jive talking hep-cat character that is downright lovable by people of all ages. He frequently appears in The Adventures of Louanna Lee and Tales of the Fixer plus stars in a series of short subject films. His colorful use of language and his outlandish apparel add another dimension to every situation!
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Steve (Steverino) Rifkin "Rise and LOVE" music video




Steverino finds a magic camera at Cottage Antiques.

Starring Steve Rifkin, George Stover, and Louanna Lee

With Jason Patrick Presson, Kate Presson and Alfred Guy

Director of Photography and Editor: Jeff Herberger

Directed by Lee Doll











Zen Master Yeb-beb visits Steverino:Ace Photographer to learn how to speak like a Hep-Cat.

Starring Steve Rifkin with Alfred Guy

also Mary Mayer and Heather Clark.

Guest appearance by Brian St August as The Fixer.

Voice Over by Robert Long II,

Camera and Editing by Jeff Herberger,

Director: Lee Doll,

Make-Up : Kate Presson,

Gaffer : Jason Presson,

Theme Song Performed by Louanna Lee,

Characters and Concept Created by Lee Doll




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